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 My Aplication

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PostSubject: My Aplication   Tue Apr 26, 2011 7:16 am

Game: Counter Strike Source
Game Name: 0veX
Timezone: Gmt+2

Style: Defense/Support/Assault
Personality: Follower
Explanation: I like to play in that way because i do better if i'm not in the front and i like to keep an eye on our six.

More Info
I've played in the last few years BF2, doing pretty good but the time has come and this game is starting to die. I had to leave my last clan because they din't show support for bf2 section and they started to give attention to Minecraft -.-. I suggested CSS but the game is "too old" for them rather than much popular than Bf2.

Well i haven't been in any CS:S clan but i've been on some BF2 clan's as I said before, and i know how things work, where teamwork is crucial in that type of game.

About the clan tag yes i will wear the clan tag in other game's too.

The reason why i want to join iNF is that i want to
Why do you want to join iNF?
How long have you been playing CS:S or CS?

I started playing CS:S seriously 4 Months ago when i bought CSS on steam. What i mean "seriously"? I mean that i also played CSS and CS in the past on publics and that kind of servers where it was pretty boring and the game din't attract me so much like my friends.

I started to play some matches on CSS Mixes after purchasing it on Steam. I've been playing with my friends on their clan mixes, which are very good at this game, most of them having over 1 year experience of CSS, playing on RCL (Romanian Counter-Strike League) which is the highest competition in my country. If i can have a K/D ratio of 1 to 0.9 with these guys playing i can say i do pretty good at this game for a "begginner" with 4 months vs 5 over 1 year.

I'm not that a begginner. I've played CS (1.3 the older vers lol) since the age of 8, at a time were Internet Cafe was the only place where you could play CS, that place beeing overrun and belive me there wasn't space to breath if it wasnt your turn on one of those PC.
Also BF2 helped me i wasn't that noob at beggining the only thing that affected me is that big update on CSS that changed the recoil from the old CSS which i've played it some months.

I do own a microphone and i always use it where it's need it.

I'l be active on forums.

I'l be helping you guys with any problems whether it be.

Yes i can act mature when and where it's preferred.

My Steam Page.
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My Aplication
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